Mobile Banking


  Mobile banking is the electronic banking channel via which off-the-counter service such as account inquiry, fund transfer and wealth management can take place with the aid of mobile internet.

  There are 3 versions for KLB Mobile Banking service: iPhone client server, Android client server, and WAP. All the 3 versions will provides safe, convenient and trendy financial service. You can carry the ‘bank’ in your pocket and we’ll always be around.

  iPhone client server:

  The iPhone client server version is an iPhone app based on IOS system and all the iPhone users can enjoy this service for free. It supports all the network connection forms and it’s in fashion and versatile in function. iPhone is bound with the account so that the security is assured. And this version can also provide you with function such as counter inquiry and financial information, etc.

  Android client server:

  The Android mobile banking is a client server system adaptable for Android phones and now can provide service ranging from account inquiry, remittance, investment and wealth management, SMS notice and counter map, etc. This system is compatible with HTC 2.0 phones.


  This version is based on mobile network and WAP 2.0 technology and it enables users to browse with cell phone. The interface is simple and widely used and the data flow is economized. Also, the signal coverage for cell phone is wide enough.

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