The website is established by Bank of Kunlun Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Bank of Kunlun”). Everyone should read the following clauses carefully before browsing the website:

  All the material, information and other contents are provided by Bank of Kunlun, all users who browse this website and relevant web pages and download materials from this website are deemed to accept the clauses. These clauses stand for the agreement between Bank of Kunlun and you. If users don’t agree to follow these clauses, please don’t browse the website. Bank of Kunlun reserves the rights to update the information on the website without informing users, and the changes will be applicable to all users as well.

  Copyright Statement

  The copyright of all contents of this website including its material, information, web page design, characters, image, programs and other information, etc. is owned by Bank of Kunlun. The copyright is protected by < General principles of the civil law of the People’s Republic of China >, < Copyright law of the People’s Republic of China> and Law of the People’s Republic of China against unfair competition> and other rules and regulation and international conventions. Any violation of the above rights will result in civil, administrative or criminal liability.

  Contents contained in the website, especially the predictable future performance, costs, dividends, income, financial products and other trends of Kunlun Bank, as well as merger-related synergies o any expectation obtained are forward-looking, so there are certain risks and uncertainties. Due to various factors, the actual results can be very different with the above described or implied.


  Any information appearing in this website should not be used as the assurance the correctness, promptness, effectiveness, stableness.  We would not be responsible for stableness of the server, we would not assure that you could browse, read, copy and use the website at any time; we are not responsible for the correctness and completeness of the wordings, image, material, linkage, prescription and other information on the website. We are neither responsible for error in the process of copy, printing and typing. Website administrator can change the contents of the website without specific announcement.

  In any cases, the website would not take any kind of law responsibilities that occurs loses when using the website or unable to accessing into the website to the third party (including profit lose, information data lose, property lose and etc.)

  The linkage on the website is for user’s convenience, but the linked website in out of our website’s control. Any user browses other website through our website is deemed not browsing our website, so our website is irresponsible for any information transferred.

  Privacy and Confidentiality Statement

  Bank of Kunlun respects privacy of all users. We will not collect user information unless user agrees to do that.  For user’s email and other information we promise not to provide to third party unless user agrees to do that.

  Termination Terms

  The agreement would be invalid with any party’s suggestion to terminate. As long as you destroyed all software, documents obtained from this website, constitutes the termination of this Agreement no matter the term is set forth in this agreement.

  Other Terms

  All litigation or disputes arising from using this website shall apply the laws of the People’s Republic of China. Such as the law of the People’s Republic of China to modify any of the above terms and conditions become illegal, Bank of Kunlun will modify the terms and conditions under the agreement of both parties.

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